Work Packages

The 10 Work Packages of the project will bring together various and complementary expertise from consortium partners.

Work Package 1: User requirements and co-creation

Work Package 1 will identify the needs of all stakeholders who can benefit from Real-World Data (RWD). It will define the requirements and ‘how-tos’ to using the system, as well as the possible restrictions that apply in the REBECCA context to facilitate system design and specifications. Finally, it will define and implement a co-creation strategy to continuously receive feedback from the users and identify improvements and new design opportunities for REBECCA.

Work Package 2: System design and integration

Work Package 2 will define the technical specifications of the system, ensure that data security, protection and privacy are properly addressed in the system design, develop the components of the system such as clinical dashboard and the patient and companion mobile applications, and implement a continuous testing and integration framework for development, with updates to the REBECCA system.

Work Package 3: 360º patient monitoring using RWD

Work Package 3 will develop algorithms and tools for detailed and continuous monitoring of cancer patients, mapping them to a common integrated format, the REBECCA 360º report.

Work Package 4: Causal inference and prediction using RWD

Work Package 4 will develop advanced data analysis methodologies for statistical analysis and causal inference using RWD.

Work Package 5: Clinical studies complemented by RWD

Work Package 5 will perform three independent research studies to advance local ongoing research efforts on chronic comorbid conditions induced by breast cancer therapies. The envisioned studies will produce novel scientific knowledge for the evaluation of the functional and emotional life characteristics of cancer patients due to paclitaxel chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, treatment-induced cancer-related fatigue, and treatment-induced cancer-related osteopathy.

Work Package 6: Improved patient outcomes through detailed monitoring

Work Package 6 will perform three independent intervention studies to evaluate improvements in patient-reported Quality of Life and treatment satisfaction, during the first year after radio/chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment.

Work Package 7: Improving research and clinical workflows using multi-source RWD

Work Package 7 aims at coordinating different actions of the project towards best practices and evaluation of REBECCA in improving clinical research and patient outcomes through improved RWD monitoring. It will support the use of RWD for breast and other types of cancer, such as prostate cancer, beyond the end of the project.

Work Package 8: Dissemination and communication

Work Package 8 will maximise the visibility of the project and its outcomes while engaging a wide network of public health stakeholders. It will also analyse the financial cost and sustainability of using RWD in clinical research and in everyday clinical practice for managing breast cancer patients, which will support the exploitation strategy for the project’s technical and scientific outcomes.

Work Package 9: Project management and coordination

Work Package 9 is dedicated to project management and coordination.

Work Package 10: Ethics requirements

Work Package 10 sets out the ethics requirements that the project must comply with.

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