REBECCA apps are Android and iOS apps designed to collect objective and patient-reported data supporting the development of tailored treatment schedules and care plans by healthcare professionals.

The Patient app is intended for use by patients. It is a simple system recording the patient’s behaviour and certain online interactions. The system has a lightweight mechanism for patients to report their symptoms including fatigue, pain, memory and concentration loss, as well as emotional symptoms related to depression, anxiety, and fear of recurrence.

The Patient app is coupled with a specially designed Companion app that enables the patient’s close ones, such as family members and friends, to participate in the monitoring process by providing data about the patient’s physical and emotional state. The Companion app lifts a significant reporting burden from the patient, empowering their life partners as co-reporters. The patient can choose not to have their life partners involved in the monitoring process.

The Patient app and the Companion app are the main interaction mechanism between the REBECCA platform, patients and their families. They introduce tools for self-reports or reports by companions and image uploads, presenting patients with recorded data overviews and profile overviews.

They provide a means of collecting data through self-reports such as Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), that is, standardised surveys completed by patients to measure their functional well-being and health status, self-reported medical outcomes, answers to questionnaires, and responses to notifications.