REBECCA 360º is a platform designed to support detailed and continuous monitoring of cancer patients.

REBECCA 360º will record data on the patient:

  • behaviour, including diet, physical activity, sleep and daily behavioural timelines
  • online interactions conveying the cognitive and emotional state of cancer patients
  • living environment indicators, including home environment and socio-economic context
  • medical history and detailed medical outcomes from electronic health records (EHR)
  • Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

The acquired data will serve to produce explainable causal models that assess the safety and effectiveness of therapies and provide real-world evidence (RWE) about the causal mechanisms between factors and outcomes and about the interaction of complex chronic comorbidities (CCC).

REBECCA 360º will be used by both patients and clinicians. Patients and, optionally, their life partners, will feed monitoring data into REBECCA 360º, while data and analysis results will be provided to clinicians to develop personalised and improved care plans.

Privacy protection is a top priority for REBECCA. REBECCA 360º has specific functionalities ensuring privacy protection of the end-users such as edge processing for privacy and data protection, support for privacy filters, federated learning and cross-country secure data exchanges. Additionally, REBECCA 360º gives full control to patients over the types and the detail of data they provide.